Dj Fuzzboy

Bio #1!
After hearing Dutch Hardcore for the first time as a young teen, DJ Fuzzboy started on a path that would help bring more exposure to that music in North America.

As a DJ, Radio Show Host and Promoter, he has been involved in every aspect of the Canadian Hardcore/Gabber scene since 1999. As years went by his love of music and partying only became stronger, and after 15 years of playing at parties in Canada, the United States and Europe, he hasn`t lost his drive to make people dance.

As Harder music has evolved over the years, so has his style of DJing. From Mainstream Hardcore to Early Rave to Happy Hardcore to Electro, Fuzzboy loves playing anything that`s high energy ravey, and aggressive. Beer goes in, rave comes out!

Bio #2
In the year 2000, when the world failed to crumble into the predicted dystopia, one individual took notice and decided to do something about it. After a fruitless quest to arm himself with military grade weapons, capable of bringing about the catastrophic destruction he craved, he thought to use the even more dangerous arsenal he had been amassing. Now properly outfitted with decades worth of the best Hardcore/Gabber tunes ever made he set out to destroy crowds and bring darkness to the dance floors of Toronto.

After over 15 years of aural violence he has shown no signs of giving up his dream of crushing everything in his path with earth shattering kick drums & screaming synths.

The future has never been brighter for Fuzzboy... nor has it seemed so dark.